Cinta Macro dan Micro

How you describe love of living humans?
For me love like a macro and micro organisms
Begins as hard rock and its end with fine grain
But still, love remains living in every heart.

This is a macro love
Its can be seen clearly and touchable
You know she/he is live even she/he is far
You can smell it, and of course stinky sometime.

This is micro, don't add wave please
You can't see me! said John Cena
Although she/he near you, its really hard to see
The smell, hem..even she/he fart you didn't know who.

Eh..Cik Plankton, saya sudah nampak kamu.

p/s : Pening kepala study Oceanography. Lagi 3 paper nak oi.

5 ulasan:

  1. hahaha..da sewel da.good luck untuk 3 paper lagi tu.

  2. nampak cik plankton mcm mane..?
    guna magnifying glass ke..or gune sensor.hihi..:)

    good luck for ur 3 papers..study intelligently yehh..:)

  3. gud luck untuk 3 paper lagi tuuu

  4. MIMO : guna imaginasi saja.
    MIMIE : baik2. terima kasih